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The Millennial Deception

Are you happy? Does your happiness depend on your current circumstances? Do you often feel as though something is missing in your life? Or, perhaps everything is going so well that you feel you have no need for much else? What if I told you that you are wrong? And, that you have been deceived by a great conspiracy that has brewing for thousands of years.

It’s actually quite true for most people. It’s especially true if you are a product of many if not most universities and colleges today. Sadly, thousands if not millions of people have borrowed themselves into a mound of debt without realizing they have been provided a lopsided poorly developed education. Worse, it’s probable that in certain critical areas you have been deceived.

Let’s start with a small supposition that some of you believe in God. But, do you really? What does it truly mean to believe in anything? The answer is of course, that if you believe in something you live by it. It can be said the term “believe” literally means to ” live by” and a persons true beliefs can be observed by how they actually live.

Now, let’s suppose you take stock in your personal life. What motivates you the strongest? Perhaps you are politically oriented and volunteer within some political party. Hopefully you are not such a self absorbed person that your main motivation is driven only by personal gain, power, lust, and things of that nature. Or, perhaps like many you have a deep desire to “make the world a better place”. In any case, whatever is at the top of the list can be said to be your God. I know some of you are going to find that difficult to accept. But, if you allow me I can and will prove it to you if you have the patience it will require and persevere.

It’s a little like asking “What’s the most important thing in my life?” . Is it your spouse and family? Is it College or your job? Perhaps you are a Christian and your answer would be God? This will require some serious thought on your part. You might even be asking yourself why you need to know this? I can assure you you do.

In the following days and perhaps even months to come I will show you some truths you may not even be aware of. And, if you are one of those people who has “obtained” an education and think you already have all the information you need It will shock you when you find out that something or someone is missing.

In any case, prepare to face the truth if you are brave enough because there in a conspiracy so great that has been facilitated by today’s learning institutions that has so misled many of you that I believe you are entitled to a refund on at least part of your college “education” in many cases! I know that as we go along so many of you will reject what I am saying and perhaps even be upset. You will say that your mind is already made up. I humbly beg of you to persevere for your sake. I seek no followers for myself as such. I simply grieve that there are so many suffering and deceived people in this world.

Can I begin by asking you to consider that your life being of a determinate period of time should be lived as well as possible and with meaning and depth? In order to do this I believe you need to live a life built on the truth. Certainly you would not propose to tell me you would actually want to base your life on a lie or a false belief system. Yet, millions of people have done just that.

While I am targeting college educated students in this particular article the principles involved apply to everyone. I believe so many of our millennial population have been seriously cheated out of the truth, denied wisdom and that they in many cases have been mis-educated. I only wish to stress I can only offer you these thoughts. All I am asking is that you don’t close your mind and hear me out. If what I say going forward disturbs you and makes you angry at me I beg your indulgence and I want you to know I actually do have your best interests in mind.

Understand this. Your life should and even must be founded on the truth. To do otherwise would impart instability and life long problems. You should be a ” truth seeker”. My challenge to you is to examine your own life. I am most certainly not asking you to be accountable to me. Perhaps you have never even asked yourself or given much thought to the basic questions of life such as “Who am I? Or, “Why am I here?” or ” What is the meaning of life itself? ” as well as other similar questions. If you haven’t, I posit that perhaps it is time to do just that. As I said, I will be adding to this post and be explaining many things I have said. Naturally, you can assume it will involve how God can be of practical benefit in your life. But, for now I just want to ask you to consider making a commitment to being a “truth seeker”. One who seeks the truth!

-Brother Bill

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