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The Great Conspiracy…

Revelations 12:7-12 describes the war in heaven where Satan is cast from heaven. However, the Devil is not yet destroyed.

Ever since the garden of Eden the Devil has been opposing and accusing us. And, ever since that day the Devil has had a plan. You can even say it is a great conspiracy. For the evil one is not acting alone. Because of his hatred for God he hardens the minds and hearts of many men wherever they allow it and choose evil.

When one considers in total, all the various perversions, evildoers, and chaos present in today’s world one might wonder what is going on?

Truth be told, there has been up to now a thinly veiled covering hiding the spirit of evil that joins the various factions Satan has brought together to attack the kingdom of God and His divine truth. Never before in recent history has evil so thinly disguised itself or openly fought Christianity.

In today’s world people not only abuse, twist, and distort the Word of God, they openly oppose it. This is an indicator that the world is drawing closer to it’s final conclusion.

In the meantime however we will gradually feel the intensifying effects of evil in our world and our society. Satan is using various groups to gradually re-educate God out of peoples lives using people with apostate minds as professors in many universities and colleges and has supplanted a new religion of politics to replace faith in God.

Evidence of this is abundantly present on campus as once treasured ideas such as free speech and the free exchange of other viewpoints is no longer tolerated. Like Germany in the days of Hitler society and youth are being mesmerized into socialist or even fascist beliefs that often run contrary to divine truth. Still other groups are enjoined to twist and distort our national constitution using it against itself and the citizenry to confuse, maim, and even destroy the lives of unborn children.

In recent decades evil organizations have appeared as wolves clothed as sheep to deceive us. All the while they claim to do good but their real intent is evil.

These things are not happening by accident. They are part of a concerted conspiracy led by Satan to systematically remove the knowledge of God from minds of men and erase what awareness of God that remains in today’s society. The world is being turned upside down and people are being taught that evil is good and that good is wrong or evil.

There can only be one outcome to all of this. That is the destruction and wars predicted in the Bible. God will not forever stand idle as millions of babies are murdered in their mother’s womb. In the New Testament Jesus clearly spoke of the fate of those who harm innocent children.

In many cases the so-called political leadership of today is corrupted by delusions, immorality,deceit, and evil itself.

None of this is by chance. And, while there are exceptions, don’t be fooled! You may be asking how can this all be connected? The answer lies within the spirit of evil that drives the various factions of evil so that even without conscious effort on their part in some cases a spirit of evil that emanates from hell overcomes them causing hatred and love of evil to become deeply rooted within their hearts. Satan need only to stir up this spirit of evil to achieve his desired results. Using those with apostate minds he fiendishly and ever more brazenly and openly seeks to fight God’s principles and eradicate the Bible from our society.

Satan has conspired to teach our students lies and destroy biblical principles not only in the lives of individuals but corporately too. In Satan’s image lies are taught regarding our nation’s founding fathers and everything that points to God is systemically removed. No mere references to God are even permitted.

Do not be fooled! There are those right under our very noses working today to accomplish these things who claim and pretend to be doing God’s work but are most certainly not.

Sadly, our nation and society and even the world itself suffers because of this evil conspiracy. It could not be any other way for if you remove the knowledge and influence of God from mankind utter destruction becomes assured.

Prayer is perhaps our last avenue of hope! While I fear the eventual outcome may already be inevitable, perhaps we can deter this current onslaught of darkness and evil so that others may find salvation in grace and repentance.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 NKJV ” If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. ” teaches us an important principle that we can and should as a nation and as a society in general repent and return to God.

-Brother Bill

Revelations 12:7-12

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