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Atheists Confess Sins Regularly…

Did you know that both atheists and unbelievers confess their sins regularly and usually don’t even realize they are doing it?

What??? Am I crazy? Let me explain. It’s quite true. How can someone who doesn’t even believe in God confess their sins?

It has to do with the Biblical definition of sin. So, naturally we have to first ask what is sin? If you are already a Christian you know that God is perfect and cannot tolerate sin. He cannot allow sin to pollute Heaven or be in His presence. Hence the need for our Redeemer Christ Jesus. Anything less than God’s perfection is sin. Mankind lives daily in a fallen state of sin. Christians have grace imparted to them because our sins are forgiven and covered under the blood of Jesus.

So? What do I mean? Think about it carefully. At first you might think my claim is silly. After all I don’t suppose there are many atheists and unbelievers who would agree with me are there?

Yet, it is in a certain sense true. Ask yourself how many times you have heard people say “I’m only Human!” Unbelievers say it, atheists say it. People say it. What does it mean? I am convinced what they are really saying in those three short words is an acknowledgement that they understand humans are flawed. Not perfect. We often do things we shouldn’t. In other words, we sin. Remember sin is anything less than God’s perfection. Any sin not covered by the blood of Jesus whereby unmerited grace is imparted has eternal consequences. Christians are of course covered and the atheist and unbelievers are not.

So herein lies the crux of the situation. When I say atheists and unbelievers often confess their sins I am technically correct. Of course there are some who arrogantly profess they have done nothing wrong but I think most people would admit to a lack of perfection in their lives. That is a type of admission of sin.

I originally pondered these thoughts while contemplating why do people resist God and His love? Why reject a loving God? So, when people such as atheists and unbelievers freely admit they aren’t perfect is their any spiritual benefit? Only perhaps in the sense that their heart may be less hardened against God. They freely admit their sins or imperfections to one another. This of course does not bring salvation. No confessions of sin to any mere mortal can do that. Read 1st Timothy 2:5.

Imagine my surprise when I put this all together and realized many people admit to being sinners to each other, friends, family, and others all the time and mostly without even necessarily realizing it! Yet, they sadly fight tooth and nail and resist confessing their sins to God. After all in order to be forgiven and have grace imparted one must confess one’s sins to Christ Jesus. Why would they resist confessing to God who is the one person who truly can offer them salvation and forgiveness? Pride? Stubbornness? Even laziness?

In what way would any atheist or unbeliever be harmed by humbly confessing their sins to God?

Unfortunately, there is an answer of sorts. People refuse to confess their sins to Jesus and God because they do not want to yield control of their lives. They, like Satan have said in their hearts “I will be like the Most High” (i.e. God). They want to be in control. (At least regarding their own lives).

These imperfect beings have fooled themselves into actually believing they rather than an all knowing and loving God know better even amidst the unholy circumstances within which they live or the flawed world we inhabit. They reject God to their own detriment. Consider what is going on in today’s world. Does this make any sense at all? Can it be that there are those who are so self absorbed they are not aware of their own predicament? Read John 3:16.

It really seems so simple doesn’t it? One need only to humble themselves and sincerely come to Jesus and ask God’s forgiveness to receive salvation and have grace imparted unto them. Admit their imperfect or sinful nature. And, ask forgiveness.

I’m quite sure most of us even when we were unbelievers asked other fellow human beings for forgiveness when we wronged someone. Yet, sadly for some they cannot seem to come to the conclusion they have wronged a loving, kind and good God. I sincerely pray you aren’t one of those people. If you haven’t ever confessed your sins to God won’t you humble yourself and do it right now to the one who matters most and is eager to enter your heart and draw you close? Do not let the tragedy of rejecting God continue in your life. Accept Christ Jesus into your heart. Ask God to reveal Himself to you today and show you that Jesus is the Son Of God. Find a Bible and read Romans 3:23.

-Brother Bill

Psalms 14:1 KJV


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