The Separation of God and The People…

God Bless You, and God Bless America! Today I have a short message regarding the so called notion of what is called “The Separation of Church and State” and how it relates to us as Christians.

You may have been taught that politics and religion don’t mix. And, in today’s world it is oftentimes easy to think they have little to do with one another. This is probably because of the distortion of Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on the subject.

I understand it is wonderful to share spiritual matters, ideas, thoughts, and things that edify the body of Christ. We must always do this. However, I believe we must not do them to to the exclusion of dealing with practical matters that affect the church and our society as a whole.

So what am saying? It’s simple really. It is my contention that we as Christians have a moral obligation to attend to practical matters that affect the church at large. And, how certain ungodly organizations have worked to distort what Jefferson meant by the idea of separation of church and state to pollute our thinking in a way that is designed to prevent us from doing just that.

Such distorted teachings and thinking will affect us for generations to come. And, the effects won’t be good! Worse yet, the distortion is growing ever more evil in the minds of people and especially unbelievers whereby they accept the lies in place of godly truths.

I’m pretty sure that those of you who are Christians at some point have been asked to pray for our country and its leaders. Excellent! However, just like praying for the hungry and or destitute and naked is good, remember the Bible asks us what good is it if we do this yet do nothing to feed and clothe and help them if we are able?

Romans 13:1 New King James Version (NKJV)

What does the Bible say?

13 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

John 19:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 Jesus answered, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above. Therefore the one who delivered Me to you has the greater sin.”

So then, I ask you honestly; are we not then just as obligated to do what is right, just, and holy by acting whenever we can in a practical fashion to affect the morality of our nation? Or, shall we simply sit by and mutter a few prayers in theory only? Or, perhaps you’re sincerely praying? Yet, I ask again, does God not require us to do our part?

While you can clearly see in Romans 13:1 in the last part of the verse that rulers do not rule without God appointing them, one must consider all the Bible teaches on the subject. If you are a Christian you already know if a ruler wants you to to violate God’s will you are to obey God rather than man. Consider the rather stunning reply from Schadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to Nebuchadnezzar!

Daniel 3:16-18 King James Version (KJV)

16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.

17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

So then, what exactly is “our part”? Obviously prayer is an integral part of it. But, yet it is a real part. Not a weak half attempt. After all, the world is “supposed” to get worse during the “end times” isn’t it? Even so, that does not exempt us from resisting evil where we find it.

While it’s easy to pray for our national leaders who readily come to mind what about prayer for leaders at the local level? Councilmen? School board members? Is it any wonder or local schools are teaching against God?

In John 19:11 Jesus clearly said those rulers in power were only allowed rule over him to do what they would because God allowed it. In other words, God uses such men oftentimes in spite of themselves.

In Daniel 3:16-18 those three hebrew men simply stated they didn’t even have to think about it before giving the king his answer! They would follow God!

Now, with regards to prayer. Shouldn’t we be praying for godly candidates? Rather than waiting until election night and then voting for the lesser of two evils?

Of course there is an obvious problem. That is the overall wretched moral state of the population of our country at large. It seems almost as if while in decades past Christianity was out on the mission fields of other countries we literally let our nation backslide and did little to oppose the great evils of abortion, immorality, and such to gnaw at our nations heart.

You see, if we ask ourselves why we get so many immoral men as leaders of our country there can be only one obvious glaringly simple answer. It is because our citizenry is corrupt in such numbers as to created a dark murky pool of potential candidates. If our citizens are not godly men and women how can we expect wise godly men as leaders of our nation?

Some of you are undoubtedly shaking your head in disbelief by now. You are protesting that God Isn’t supposed to have anything to do with It. I tell you plainly and simply, you could not be more wrong. Further, if that is what you believe, you are actually part of the problem.

How could we miss that which is so simple? We need godly Christian men and women to seek public office. That it seems they often shy away from such duties is partially due to the distortion of the separation of church and state doctrine.

Do not be fooled! Thomas Jefferson believed in God! Thomas Jefferson never intended the distortion of church and state to become what it is today. We must oppose the liars. When our founding fathers created and crafted this nations ideology it was upon God’s principles! Do not be so easily deceived.

The tower of London, partially shown above still stands today. Thousands flock to the historical site where various people were put to death for various crimes against the crown long ago. It was as if England see-sawed back and forth between Catholic and Protestant rulers. Whatever the King or Queen in power favored was often at the expense of the religion currently in disfavor. Often heads were lopped off rather indiscriminately.

This is what our founding fathers were trying to prevent. Our founding documents with regards to religion were intended to protect us from our government not to be used to separate us from God! We were to have no “official” religion such as Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, etc…

However, belief in the one and only true God of the Bible and Jesus was not to be prevented nor were we to be separated from that basic belief for if it was, then atheism would have been adopted as a tenet and become our de-facto “religion”. Clearly, any fool can tell by reading the Constitution of The United States, that God was very much a part of it because it referred to our rights being imparted upon our citizenry by God Himself and NOT mere mortal men! Nobody dare argue then that it was intended to be used to separate us from God.

You see, as it currently stands the current vile distortion we call the separation of church and state and how we now think of it actually does something entirely different! As it stands now, this evil doctrine as distorted by fools and evil men, actually works to separate God from the people. It works incessantly to remove any reminder such as the cross, or an reference to God from public places, civic mindedness, court rooms, and more with the sole purpose of eradicating God from our society, our hearts, and our minds.

Make no mistake. Everything Godly is now under direct attack. Many of our colleges and universities have been corrupted for evil. People are opposing good and becoming champions of evil, demonstrating for the right to sin and working to enact laws that protect immorality. This must be seen for what it is. Free speech may not exist much longer. It is now opposed by many. And those who would rule will not tolerate any viewpoint other than theirs. Soon, you may not be able to speak the truth. For if you do, you will risk prosecution for “hate speech”. Eventually citizens will have everything decided for them. What to think, what to read, what to say, and yes, even what to believe! Does this not sound like the anti-christ system to you?

By now you are probably scoffing at me. Yet, I hope not. These things are real. And, while you are going about your daily lives Satan and these evildoers are working feverishly to bring what I have described to you into reality. It is already to a significant part already here. You say it can’t happen because this is America isn’t it?

And, I ask you… If truly godly men refuse to step forward and volunteer for public service in office do you think that a void is not then left to be filled by evildoers? Do not think Satan and his minions stupid. Anyone can easily understand if you want to overthrow our godly ideology one must overrun our leadership openings with those who hold false views and worship false gods.

I know that some of this isn’t pleasant to think about. It doesn’t seem uplifting. I get that. But unless you want to leave open the possibility of parts of our nation being under things such as Sharia law, where the true God of the Bible and His principles no longer apply I would suggest you give it some thought. Do not think it cannot happen here. It has happened in Europe. In Paris and London, despite the authorities refusal to acknowledge it. It is a possibility at the very least. Why? Because unless we have a truly godly nation or at the very least some truly godly men as leaders of our country the voids will be filled by those who are of false religions, atheist beliefs, champions of sinners rights, and evildoers. In fact, it is nearly inevitable if we do not act.

If so many of our nations leaders, and so many of the citizens were not so far from God, how then could we explain in any other fashion the atrocities of abortion being sanctioned by our country?

Yes, you can capitulate. You can throw up your hands and declare it’s too late. Perhaps you are right. Nevertheless, I personally do not feel morally excused from at the very least doing whatever I can to oppose these great evils. Sometimes that can simply consist of sharing words regarding the ongoing present great struggle of evil against good with others. Or, carefully choosing who you vote for. Or, financially supporting those who do fight the good fight. Do not so easily find rest while evil abounds!

In the months and years ahead I believe that if we do not oppose evil we will eventually come to the place where even Christian doctors will legally be required to perform abortions. Those doctors will then be forced to make the same choice Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to make.

And, if it presently seems as if we have a moments reprieve from such evils, beware that you know it is only for a moment relative to eternity and that if we are reversing some such evils even in a small way, now is not the time to relax or refrain from pressing harder. But, rather all the more should we then press any small advantages we may currently gain in these matters.

And, perhaps above much else remember if we want to truly make America great again we must return to God! And, return to godly principles. For it is precisely God, and the principles of God that made our nation great first and foremost above all else. While it is agreed that our nation has always had it’s flaws, it must be acknowledged that it’s greatness has been self evident largely because of its reliance and acknowledgement of God. If we discard God and His principles we do in fact, doom ourselves to eventual destruction.

In closing I offer this humble warning. Look around you. What do you see?.And, why do you see it? Give that some thought when you see evil attacking our nations founding fathers with so called notions of fake morality. Clearly, give some thought before you send your children to disreputable colleges and schools where lies are taught and truth is attacked.

One of the favorite notions of evildoers today is to tear down the Christian founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson. I have news for you. Jefferson did most certainly not father a child out of wedlock with a female child slave. For reference read the book “The Jefferson Lies” by David Barton. There simply isn’t room enough to explain further here.

In any case, please remember that so many of our “freedoms” exist precisely because of our nations adherence to principles laid down by the Bible and God. Therefore, if we turn from them we do so at great peril and with the assurance of our destruction. Even our nations bankruptcy code was modeled after the Biblical example of the year of the Jubilee where debts were forgiven. And the blessings we have received have been upon both believers and unbelievers alike.

I believe that never before in history save for the nation Israel has a country been so well founded on God and His principles. Whereas when other nations and principalities sought to keep the very Word of God from the population at large by those who professed religion in order that they could oppress their population and keep power for themselves at the expense of others, our nation protected the right to free speech thereby ensuring God’s Word, The Bible, be always available to men everywhere. This helped make our country great.

Do not, I entreat you; fail to do everything you can to fight evil in this matter. This time it is the handwriting of evil that is written upon the wall. And, that hand of evil will seek to outlaw the Bible itself using whatever means possible even via back door methods such as California’s SB 2943 that could be applied to classify it as “hate speech”.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

-Brother Bill

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