The Ignorant Students And The Foolish Professors…

Romans 1:22 KJV… Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

Are you a college student at a major university or other institute of supposed higher learning? Or, perhaps you already graduated a few years ago and are now confident you have life pretty much all figured out?

In that case, I am probably going to make you mad at me. Or, at least upset. However, if that is the case, so be it. Because you deserve to know the truth and the scales need to fall from your eyes.

Generally, I try to avoid using very short partial excerpts from Scripture and try to keep things in context. But, in this particular case I wish to use this one verse, Romans 1:22 as a label.

You see, when I think of college professors these days I do not tend to think of them primarily as men of wisdom, for most have none. I do not think of them as knowledgeable either, save some who are in certain disciplines perhaps such as the medical arts, the law, or physics, and things of that nature.

No, I cannot say with certainty that you or I will always learn great truths, grow in wisdom, or even learn great things should we sit under the tutelage of many professors. Indeed, I confess when I think of such men these days I think of the above mentioned excerpt from the Bible. This is because there are a great many professors who are fools. Hence, Romans 1:22 comes to mind.

Now, before we get too far along I will for the time being exempt professors in certain reputable Bible colleges and such, as well. While I’m sure there are some fools even in that arena, I am in essence, making a wide sweeping generalization. And, that is in essence exactly my intent.

Psalm 14:1 KJV… The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Have I startled you? After all, I Imagine if you have attended college it was at considerable expense and effort. Let me be allowed to further disturb your inner being for a few moments if you will allow it? If I propose, as I most certainly do, that many professors are indeed foolish or outright fools themselves, then it follows that students who have sat under such men to learn are in fact, “ignorant”. This would be due to the mis-education of the students. (Perhaps a refund might be due to some students. Try flying that notion at the admissions office!).

The truth is if your professor, teacher, educator, or other person teaching you doesn’t believe in God, he or she is a type of fool. I can hear you already! You are saying “Wait a minute!” and you may even be protesting rather loudly. You are going to ask how does believing in God have anything to to with education ?

It is precisely because you ask that question I know that you have been subjected to the teachings of at least some foolish professors at some godless institutions. You have indeed, been mis-taught, and in some cases intentionally fooled by your so called higher institutions of learning.

If a person who teaches you doesn’t believe in God, that person is already at a disadvantage because they do not hold a foundational truth inside them. You cannot understand our reality correctly without knowing God exists. And, if that person intentionally denies that God exists, he or she is a fool of sorts.

I can almost see you shaking your head and saying that cannot be true. But, it most certainly is. Now, that is not to say that such instructors cannot impart some things which you can learn. But, for the most part such teachers are at a disadvantage because their view of life will be distorted by their lack of understanding. You could even say they were to some degree, developmentally disadvantaged. This is because they will suffer a weak foundation in their minds as a result and not be able to interpret reality correctly.

But, let’s get back to education. Oftentimes it is what the foolish professors didn’t teach you that do the most harm. Did you know for example that public education was invented precisely to teach the Bible? Or that in most cases, the Bible was the first textbook used? Did you know that there was a period of time when theology was referred to as “The Queen of Sciences”? Are you aware that many of the “best” universities and colleges started as having religious beginnings? Harvard for example was started to train clergy. The list goes on. And, that list includes many schools who now seek the eradication of God from education.

May I interject at this point that in theory all students are in some sense ignorant. After all, this is why they seek to learn isn’t it? We are all ignorant about something. Ignorance of the fact of God’s existence is the supreme ignorance. And, I know you have probably been taught that it’s not possible to prove there is a God. Of course that is absurd and utter nonsense. I say this because there are many things in life I know that you already believe in that equate to the exact same situation as belief in God.

What I am saying is this. Inside your mind you accept as “proof” certain things such as evidence, experience, history, feelings, and such and are convinced of “facts” because of them, and so you choose to “believe” these things have been “proved”. Perhaps you are married and because of certain things you feel, or things your spouse has done, you are convinced that is “proof” he or she loves you? This is an example of a certain type of methodology whereby you accept as proof the love your spouse has for you is real. You cannot take your spouse’s love to the science lab to examine it although certain side effects of people’s emotional well being have been studied.

You accept there was a president named Lincoln who was assassinated because of historical records don’t you? The Bible is a historical record of God’s love for you. What I am saying here is that perhaps you should consider as “proof” of God’s existence some of the same things you use to prove other things as facts to yourself. In other words, why would you not use the same methodology?

Now, before you jump off the rails and come at me I want you to understand that the universe itself is hard evidence that God is very real. To think otherwise is the result of the teachings of foolish men teaching foolish things. Do not be misled! Einstein believed in God. As did Galileo, Faraday, Copernicus, and even Da Vinci. ( It is now known that much gossip was accorded Da Vinci, but his actual objections were similar to that of Martin Luther, and that he was simply a pre- reformationist of sorts.)

My point is that you as a student were mislead carefully and sometimes discreetly by ungodly, and in some cases unethical men and that they taught falsehoods to you in the name of higher education. Many of these men are anti-God or anti-Christ. Professing themselves wise they gave you a false truth. In effect, you have been carefully culled, decieved, and indoctrinated to believe there is no proof God exists. If that sounds like “brainwashing” that’s because it is. Certain people with vested interests have been working very hard to eradicate the knowledge of God from our society . Various people are doing this due to self interests too. Selfishly they seek to substitute a different belief system as your “religion” and turn you away from God. This is so they may have power and influence.

Also, know that this is being done in the political arena. There are those who simply can’t stand the notion of a country founded on Godly principles. Eradication of God from our educational system is one of the most powerful tools they have to use in order to manipulate your mind.

King James Bible Proverbs 9:10
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Simply put, many students have been fooled and many of our colleges and universities have become overrun by godless fools teaching foolish things. They do not believe in God so these men lack wisdom. How then would they aptly teach you?

In modern terms what I am referring to here is the worldview you or they hold. Does your worldview rest on being educated by ungodly foolish men ignorant of the truth of God’s existence?

Where did this term “worldview” even come from for that matter? Were you indoctrinated with the word whilst attending university? Did some seemingly wise professor of some renown cunningly explain the worlds belief systems were simply small and inadequate? And, that you needed to look at the “bigger picture”? He or she then probably followed up with teaching you their own flawed version of reality. Were you even coerced perhaps? Many have been.

The term “worldview” while seemingly inoffensive, is part and parcel of a vocabulary developed over the last few decades to facilitate your being deceived and to facilitate the removal of the wisdom of God from people’s minds.

Yes, there really is an entire vocabulary system deliberately contrived to assure that evil thinking displaces godly thinking in our minds. The term “worldview” is closely associated with the anti-christ globalist viewpoint.

Rest assured, God is the only one who has the full true complete and entire view of this world and its inhabitants! Did God ever tell Adam & Eve to have a worldview? Of course not. But, if you insist may I suggest the only way to correctly do so is from within the framework of Christianity and acknowledgement that God is real?

Let me explain. When man establishes a view or belief there is no God he thereby stunts his ability to correctly interpret reality. But, when he carries that belief in his mind to the point that he or she believes that they “know” that their worldview is the only truth, or is best for the whole world they are in effect attempting to displace God from His throne and His rightful place in this reality.

Strictly speaking, God is the only one who is “entitled” to hold a worldview in a literal sense because He created it! We may have opinions but compared to the wisdom and knowledge of God they are rather small. It is only in surrender and submitting to God can we find true reality and see factual reality. This is true because we were created to fellowship with God and experience reality within the confines of His love, knowledge, and wisdom.

May I simply and bluntly say that we were never intended to rule our own planet as mere mortal sinful, imperfect beings? And, plainly put when all of the facts are known, and the smokescreen of wretched wrong teachings are removed, that it is plainly stupid to think there is no God.

-Brother Bill

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