2 Samuel | David’s Song Of Praise & Coming Of Christ?

There’s been war, famine, death, discord, and so much more wrapped up in the book of 2 Samuel. It’s a nice and refreshing break to listen to David praise the Lord. As I read the chapter, I was very much surprised to see how this held tones of the end of times.

Today’s Reading | 2 Samuel Ch. 22

Who Is The Lord To Us

David sings this song after he had been delivered from his enemies, including Saul.

From verse 2 and 3 alone, David proclaims what the Lord is.

  • My Rock
  • My Fortress
  • My Deliverer
  • My Shield
  • Horn Of Salvation
  • Savior

Wow! What an amazing comfort.

Verses 4-6 David expresses how he was surrounded by death and trial. Yet he cried out to the Lord and was heard.

Coming Of Christ Visual

Verses 8-16 very much have a tone of what the coming of Chrst will be like…

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