A Kingdom Of Priests

Bread for the Bride

While much of organised Christianity continues fortifying kingdoms of men, behind the scenes the Holy Spirit has strategically and quietly been preparing a company of believers dedicated solely to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Let’s backtrack a little.  From the beginning God has desired a human priesthood.  Essentially, the first function of a priest is to minister in worship to God (Ex. 40:15) and secondly to represent God to others. Prior to the Fall, Adam and Ishshah (later known as Eve) fulfilled such a priestly role in the Garden.  Of all God’s creatures, only the first man and woman were created in the image of God. They were given oversight over God’s creation, thereby becoming His representatives, or mediators.  Furthermore, in Genesis 2:15 we learn that God placed Adam in the garden with a specific assignment.  Some translations say that assignment was to ‘cultivate’…

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