God’s Heart for Us-Luke 7:13

Let Us Study the Bible

God Cares for Our Tears-Luke 7:13

When we cry, the heart of Jesus goes after us, and surely, he wants to say to us ‘do not cry’, do a miracle for us, and comfort our hearts. And God has promised to wipe out our tears, in the book of Revelation.

The tears of the woman, and the pain in her heart, caused God to stop, pay attention to her, be concerned for her, and cancel the funeral she was attending.

In a similar way, God wants to cancel many of of our trials, which cause us pain and hurt. He is still concerned for us, as he was then. His heart for us does not change, because he does not change.

Jesus still wants to come close to us, and touch our trials and cancel them, as he touched the funeral and cancelled it. His compassion still wants to calm…

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