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Save the… Baby Humans!

A recent article reports that New York is preparing to enact laws to prevent or limit the de-clawing of cats because it is inhumane and seen as mistreatment of the feline species. The procedure is more complicated than many people realize as it involves the surgical removal of the claws which are in effect, the last joints of a cats toes.

The article appeared in a newsletter in email format by the American Center for Law & Justice. The article by Matthew Clark quotes an excerpt from another news story from the New York Times that states de-clawing is a convenience surgery without any benefits to the cats. The legislation has been sent to the governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo to be reviewed. The proposed fine could be as much as $1,000.

As pointed out, it is ironic that this is the same state that has barbaric abortion laws that allow babies in the womb to be killed. Whatever side you may be on regarding the de-clawing of cats, the argument against it states it is done for mere convenience and that it is of no benefit to the cats. This same argument could easily be applied to babies.

The ridiculous state of affairs regarding legislation and lawmakers in New York state is such that cats have more rights than unborn children and that lawmakers seem to care more about them than children. One has to ask, if it is not acceptable to de-claw cats for the sake of convenience and the procedure is barbaric; how is it then perfectly fine to murder babies in the womb for convenience?

Readers are urged to visit the website and sign their pro-life petition.

God bless the kitties, but let’s save the baby humans!!!

-Brother Bill

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