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The Sorrow Of Abortion…

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I oftentimes find myself brought to tears when the subject of abortion comes up. I often ask myself and the Lord, how our society can have sunk so low that so many could be blinded? I freely admit I cannot fathom how anyone can support it.

Through various contrivances and with much mental gymnastics mere men have created artificial constructs to justify it. And, even enthrone it as if it was sacred. Yet it is not as complicated an issue as many have made it.

I have gently pondered the fate of those babies who were violently plucked from within a womb that should have been their safe harbor. And, what might have been. I have imagined the eyes of those children looking adoringly into their mothers eyes had they lived. Or, the giggles from their tiny voices as they played with their mom. And, even what or who they might have become as they grew into adulthood.

How then is it possible that so many have so hardened their hearts? What if some of our brightest future leaders have been aborted? What if past leaders such as J.F.K. or Martin Luther King had been aborted?

It is not only the terrible fact that so many innocent babies have been murdered. Though that is the paramount atrocity that has and is occurring, there is even more evil in the collateral damage results. Women who have had abortions sometime report deep emotional feelings of regret resulting in years of deep depression after an abortion. I even ask myself how could I ever trust a doctor for my medical care should he be involved in performing abortions? What of the physicians oath to do no harm?

When I step outside to tend my rather small puny garden I see the beautiful flowers and am amazed. When I walk in the forest I am struck with the glorious wonder of God’s creation. Yet, none of this compares to the gift of parenthood and being entrusted with the care of children. How then could there be so many deceived? For every baby that is killed in the womb, there is a complicit mother and a doctor. (I do not count fathers involved simply because the courts have ruled against them having a say in the matter). Then there are the medical assistants and other staff as well as those who falsely claim to be involved in what they call “family planning”. The numbers of the guilty are staggering, but we are not without guilt because I fear we have not done enough to fight the injustice of this second holocaust.

What can we do? The answer lies in the truth. We must look squarely upon the situation in a spirit of truth. We can no longer worry about offending the offenders! Did Americans politely approach Nazi Germany and ask them to reconsider their actions after they began exterminating lives? Did the allied powers concern themselves with asking themselves if they were offending those who gassed or shot millions of Jews?

Make no mistake. With all reverence to those who were killed under the boot of Nazi Germany, this is indeed a second holocaust of enormous proportions. Do not think it is not so because the murder of millions of babies within the womb is defined by the term “abortion” and is presently legal. The Nazis produced documents signed by the various leaders of their country at that time authorizing the deaths of millions too. Adolph Hitler looked at other races as inferior and therefore considered them subspecies. As a subspecies he felt free do with them as he pleased.

Josef Mengele was known as the Nazi “Angel Of Death” for his atrocities. He was the chief doctor appointed by Himmler at Birkenau, which was a extermination camp added to Auschwitz. He selected inmates for extermination or experimentation. How is that so different than the doctor who decides to aid in an abortion? Is he not as guilty because he performs the actual deed? And, what of generations to follow? Will we someday entertain laws regarding forced Euthanasia?

Plainly then, we must face the simple facts. We must not allow legal machinations, or post modernism thinking or devious evil minds to obscure the issue. Abortion is wrong. We must embrace the truth.

In fact,

There is no such thing as the right to an abortion. Period. Abortion kills a life, a real living baby in the womb. It simply is not morally possible to justify it. We may have hellish immoral laws on the books that permit it in the eyes of our government but God does not permit it. It is in fact, beyond question. Abortion is evil and violates the sanctity of life. It is anti-God.

Psalms 139:13-16 demonstrates clearly that we are the same person in the womb as we are after birth. God knew us in the womb. God created us before we were brought forth in birth. In the account of the angel who brought Mary the news of her pregnancy with Jesus we see upon arrival at Elizabeth’s home that the incarnation occurred in the womb prior to the Lord’s birth in Luke 1:43 where the yet unborn baby Jesus is recognized as Lord. Also, in Luke 1:41-44 the greek word brephos or baby is applied. We could go on but it is so patently obvious that the defense of abortion can only be made by those who are lacking in moral conscience. May I also say, a “baby” is a “baby” is a “baby”… period! And, that no amount of devious wordplay can change that fact. Those who support abortion should not be allowed to sooth whatever conscience remains by substituting a different name for a living baby or child in the womb. It is NOT a “fetus”, it is person, a baby, a child. Medical terminology aside. Do not attempt to excuse the taking of innocent helpless lives by calling them by another name.

Those who support so called abortion rights are in gross sin. The use of various claims of it being a woman’s health issue, woman’s rights issue by certain political leaders is a farce and is in fact, clearly mis-direction by them to accomplish nefarious evil acts. Even from a solely legal standpoint the right of the life of the unborn child takes precedent over any person’s right to control over their own body. There are legal precedents for this viewpoint. It is common sense.

Now, I understand that under certain medical situations a doctor may only be able to save the life of either the mother or the baby. I’m not referring to that. That is not abortion. Abortion is the act of needlessly ending the life of a baby for the benefit of convenience or to escape parental responsibility.

Clearly, there are enough methods already to prevent conception from ever occurring. If a woman doesn’t wish to have a baby the right to choose is hers up until the moment of conception. How dare we as mortals think we have a right to destroy human life that God has created in the womb where a baby lay helpless and defenseless!

I understand what I am saying. I understand that there are certain situations such as rape that can cause unthinkable great emotional harm. And, if I could in good conscience grant an exception for such circumstances this would be the one where I might waver. But, I cannot. Because God does not. I am not God. It simply isn’t up to any of us. Such a baby could be given up for adoption if so desired.

No man or person on the face of this earth has or has had, or will ever have the authority to end the life of a baby in the womb except where the life of the mother is in immediate danger. Those who profess to approve doing so or claim to have been otherwise entitled by form of government, legal instrument, tort, or other machinations of man are and will be accountable to God and they will eventually face His judgment if not sooner, then later in the hereafter unless they genuinely and sincerely repent and seek forgiveness under the blood of Jesus.

We should seriously consider making those who pass laws promoting abortion legally accountable for such illegal and immoral laws. The idea that a baby can simply be called a “fetus” and then declare it is therefore not a person is nothing more than a satanic lie. If this immoral line of thinking continues one wonders what terminology evil men will come up with to rename our senior citizens with so that they may rob them of their personhood and exterminate their lives? Where will it stop? Is this not something that resembles Nazi Germany? Is this not a new version of the holocaust? Over 65 million babies have been murdered in the womb at last count and the number is growing.

Weep America! The whole world should fall on its knees and repent. I’m sure most of you have held a newborn baby or a very young infant in your arms at some point in your life. Can you remember looking into that baby’s eyes? How could anyone imagine taking the life of a child while it is still within it’s mother’s womb and justify it it?

Shame on those who act as if abortion is some sort of civil right! It most certainly is not. If you are wavering, confused, or otherwise uncertain about this issue my prayer is that the scales will be lifted from your eyes. If you have ever had an abortion God still loves you and will forgive you if you sincerely ask Him. If it were possible I would rend my clothes in half and repent for you but I cannot. It is your decision to make.

Those of us who are anti-abortion must stand fast and not be deceived. It appears things may get worse as more people reject God. I could easily envision a generation ahead where hymns are sung about the innocent babies entering heaven who were aborted in what is left of a persecuted church at large. Personally, I hope for the rapture of the church sooner, yet again it is not for man to decide. Selah.

-Brother Bill

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