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About Christ Talk…

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Christ Talk is the blog of “Brother Bill” a lifelong student of the Bible who lives in the California mountains and is currently retired. He received training in Ministerial Studies via a variety of sources, including Global University, The Berean School Of The Bible, the now defunct Berean College, and independent studies and sources. His past service includes minor support roles in teaching, and preaching as well as other areas of service.

At this time the Christ Talk blog is now accepting comments relative to some articles on a trial basis. Comments will be sent to moderation for approval prior to posting. This policy may be subject to change at later date.

Acts 17:11 Has always been his hope for all students of the Bible, as “they study the Bible to see if it is so” as the Bereans did.

It should be noted that most if not all of the blogs presented are not intended to be full featured expository type sermons, but rather are intended to provoke interest in the subject matter and further study of God’s word and are more akin to textual type sermons. While I believe each of the various types of sermons have their place, it is herein recognized the difference that now exists in society today with respect to how people communicate, socialize, receive and learn information, and respond or interact has changed or evolved and that new methods, forums, and types of media should be employed when possible to reach those who are lost. Today’s readers oftentimes demand information in a more concise or compact manner than ever before and may be less willing to invest large expenditures of time to gain information by more laborious means.

While certain authors today often rightly extol the merits of expository preaching they sometimes do so at the expense of other methods of presenting God’s Word perhaps to the detriment of certain listeners who may, upon occasion be better served by other means. In any case, the author presupposes the readers willingness to make their own efforts to expand upon certain scriptural excerpts and discover or affirm the contextual meaning of verses presented themselves and no warranty is implied by the author that any blog presented represents an all inclusive treatise on any particular given subject. Textual sermons, allegories, exegesis, and exhortation and instruction on the practical application of God’s Word all are of value and have their place in ministry.

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