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The Eradication Of God…

I know that I have brought up the subject of the eradication of God before. Never before in modern history has such a blatant attempt been made to annihilate God from the minds of Americans everywhere.

I recently came across a story about how a particular group of people where trying to get the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery changed or removed because they have religious symbols engraved on them.

I have been to Arlington a number of times. It is a stirring emotionally charged feeling to look out upon the sea of graves that belong to the fallen who gave their lives for our country. I have even wept at the site where John F. Kennedy is buried as well as visited the rather nondescript grave of his brother Robert. J.F.K. was a national hero to me when I was a child. But, in visiting Arlington nothing affected me more than the knowledge that so many regular everyday people from all walks of life gave everything for the benefit of others and those who came after such as myself.

It would be a desecration of the graves of these fallen heroes should these religious symbols be blotted out from the monuments there or to remove them. This is the extent those who hate God are willing to go to in order to deny any shred of knowledge pertaining to God be left in the collective consciousness of our country.

For thousands of years the cross of Christ has stood as a testimony of the events at Calvary where Jesus died for the remission of sin. Even our calendar was rightly marked as B.C. or A.D. in acknowledgement of the events there. (Even this is now under attack too.) To remove The Cross from these graves would be an atrocity. As would the removal of the Star Of David on those buried there who were of Jewish faith. This is so because a person’s faith is customarily so deep a reflection of whom they are as a person and oftentimes is the underlying motivation for the great sacrifice they made. After all Jesus told us ( my paraphrase) that “greater love hath no man than lay down his life for them”…John 15:13.

It is precisely these types of actions by those who despise us because we love God and who hate the things of God that we must fight against by utilizing prevailing prayer. We need not kneel and attempt to manufacture a sorrowful spirit of prayer but let us rather simply and soberly allow the truth of the sacrifice Jesus made to sink in. Let us understand that those fallen soldiers that lie in repose, while not having the ability to cleanse our sins because of their sacrifices, nevertheless mirrored the actions of Jesus by laying down their lives.

We must ensure that our nations consciousness remains forevermore entwined with the knowledge of God, and the risen saviour Christ Jesus lest we otherwise cease to truly be The United States Of America. Let the red stripes on our flag always bring to mind the blood of Christ so freely given for our salvation at Calvary and may the white stripes represent the banner of God’s grace under which we find forgiveness. May the union jack show us the glory of God as it depicts the saints dwelling in the heavens testifying to His Holiness and Greatness, and Perfection.

I am not ashamed, but rather I boldly proclaim, God Bless America!

-Brother Bill

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