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The Reality Of God…

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So perhaps if we met in person you might ask me how to know God is real? I might ask you how do you know that you are real? Would you be surprised by my reply?

The answer is in both cases that the evidence supports the conclusions. You need only to look in the mirror to see yourself and perceive your own existence. I need only to do the same or perhaps look outside at nature if I prefer, in order to conclude that God is real.

A noted theologian who’s name escapes me at the moment once made a profound two word declaration. Can you guess what those two words were? He said “God Is…” Think about that for a few minutes and let it really sink in.

Once you have correctly interpreted the world around you and opened your eyes to the bountiful evidence that God exists it changes everything . What evidence you ask? Why, everything! I reply. Look around you. What do you see? Look long and hard and think. When I look do you know what I see? I see a planet with a molten core inside orbiting inside what science refers to as “The Goldilocks Zone” Not too close, nor too far from the sun. A planet precisely positioned to support life with all the right minerals, metals, and chemicals in just the correct amounts like a celestial recipe. I see a planned ecosystem with the proper inert gases and other substances designed to service the lungs of mammals and the properly satisfy the needs of growing things and water to support our carbon based life forms. All of this I see before I even consider the complexity of the human anatomy and it’s intricate detailed inner workings.

Did you really mean to suggest that all of this, mankind, the universe, and all life forms were all an accident? Certainly you wouldn’t believe such folly? It is patently absurd to believe such a thing.

The so-called theory of evolution is so mathematically impossible that the odds as calculated by the math department of a state university should convince you that it is nonsense. Besides, it only addresses man himself and some types of life forms. It is silent regarding the operation of the universe.

You must face the truth. Intelligent design implies the existence of an intelligent designer. It’s inescapable. If you don’t think so may I suggest an experiment? Go to your local appliance parts supplier and purchase all the necessary parts that a refrigerator would use. Put them in a large box and shake those parts all up if you can and then toss them onto your kitchen floor and wait for them to “evolve” into a refrigerator. I will check back with you in a decade or so to see how you are doing! When you get to the part where you are thinking of giving things a little help and begin to consider trying to do a little assembly yourself let me know. I’d like to see how well you do. Unless you have some prior mechanical experience it won’t take long for you to get to the place where it dawns on you that you can’t do it! At least not well enough to make it work!

Imagine how much more complex our bodies are. Or the universe as a whole. Without the presence of intelligence how do you think these things came to be? Now, look at you thumb. Next take a peek at your elbow. Next, your big toe. Do you really think any of those parts could help you to assemble a living breathing functional body? It would require the intelligence of a mind so great that we as humans could never hope to achieve such a feat! But, all is not lost. We do have an opportunity to display enough intelligence to know such a creation could not have happened by accident.

May I posit another question? What of the intangible qualities humans seem to posess in varying degrees? Things such as love, courage, fidelity, or even negative things such as anger? These things you cannot touch or feel or assemble yet they are integral parts of human beings as we know them. Is all of that accidental? Of course not!

Yes, I know that many people have been hoodwinked by a supposed educated class to cowtow to the God of science. Don’t get me wrong, science is great. True science is the discovery of how God made things and it supports creation. But what happens when math can be used to disprove the nonsense of evolution? Or, just plain old common sense and logic and reason debunks it?

By now if you don’t already believe in God you might be feeling a bit cornered. Good! That means you are very near to finding the truth. You might start protesting and let me know you simply can’t believe in anything you can’t see, or touch. In that case I would instruct you to climb up upon your roof and jump off. You obviously can’t believe in gravity if such is the case. Of course, be prepared to hit the ground with a thud. And, you may need some medical attention. This will be because even though you couldn’t see or touch what we call gravity I can tell you what the results will be. You will of course plummet to the ground!

Next you might protest that you can’t partake of “blind faith” to believe in God. And, I would point out that you rely on it all the time or at least regularly. Every time you get in your car and drive through an intersection you rely on blind faith. You expect to drive safely through a green light while a stranger or strangers you never met stop to let you safely through the intersection. You drive along not knowing the medical condition of the person driving in the lane next to you. Yet, you have at least some degree of “blind faith” that you will get where you are going safely. You proceed to place trust in the other motorists that you know nothing about and depend on them to be safe.

How is it then possible you cannot put a measure of faith in a God so intelligent that he was able to create the universe and everything in it?

I should also say that it actually does not require “blind faith” to believe in God. There is more evidence to support God’s existence than you think. It does take a measure of faith but it is not blind in nature. You are in fact, safer trusting in God than you might otherwise think.

If you believe in evolution I would pray that your mind would be opened and that you would see how silly the notion of evolution truly is.

-Brother Bill

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