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The Deception Continues…

Have you decided to heed my words and become a “truth seeker”? That’s great news! It is of course going to take some work on your part. You will need to ask lots of questions. And, you will have to do some unbiased research on your own. You will at some point need to re-examine some of the things you already believe in order to test those things to see if they are indeed true.

Let’s start with a very basic truth. The truth of your existence. You do agree that you exist? You are a real person? Of course you do! Now, ask yourself what does that mean? Suddenly, we are wading into deep water. A flood of subsequent questions come to mind such as “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of life? ” And, for some who will ask “Is there a God?” I have some very good news.

The truth is we all seek to answer these questions even if we aren’t aware of it sometimes . It is in fact, nearly unavoidable. We often seek answers to these questions and others like them on a subconscious level even when we don’t know we are doing it.

Did you know there is a system that is in play to deny you the truth to these same very important life questions? While our mind grows towards adulthood our opinions and beliefs begin to form regarding these issues. It is precisely at this time certain forces gear up into overtime to influence you and prevent your knowing the truth.

Your brain is wired in such a fashion as to require some sort of belief system. You cannot use logic and reason and live your life without one. Right or wrong, good or bad, your mind will develop one. It can be seriously flawed or distorted. Or, it can be sound, balanced, and stable. The good news is that you have a choice. In other words, to a large degree you can make a choice about who you will become. If you already are aware you have developed some tenets of a belief system congradulations! Perhaps if you are older your system has been in place and established for years. In that case it may be more difficult to re-examine what you believe and why you believe it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

There is another simple point I’m making here. You should be sure. It’s that important. It’s not too late.

Let’s pause for a moment to ponder and ask what is truth? There is certain truth and relative truth. For example, there are certain immutable truths such as we as mankind live on planet earth. Or, that all human beings will die. These are things you cannot dispute. Then there are relative truths that are less concrete. Suppose you have a friend named Bob and he plays baseball. You establish this fact by watching him do it and accept that fact into your belief system. Over the years you get to know Bob and find out he is married and has other interesting facets. So, you learn he doesn’t just play baseball. He does other things and has other interests. You can say Bob plays baseball and while that’s true it turns out he enjoys boating, is artistic, or he has a gambling problem. In any case, these “truths” are not exclusive of each other. It can in fact be true he does these things. Now suppose later in life Bob gets old and plays baseball very little anymore. You can still say truthfully “Bob plays baseball.” But, it is relative because of the change in the degree of how much he plays. Do you think that humans will someday reach out to the stars and live on other planets as some scientists suggest? Perhaps . But, likely not in our lifetime and certainly not all of mankind. The fact that all of mankind lives on planet earth is definitely a more certain truth than Bob always playing baseball.

What I am trying to do here is to simply illustrate how our minds work when building a belief system. Indeed, some truths are subject to change. If you doubt this consider a few decades ago when it was true medical science had no remedies for certain illnesses. What was once true doesn’t always have to be.

Now we consider the subject of divine truth. It is the strongest type of truth that exists. While our understanding of It may grow and change. Divine truth does not change.

Taking these things into consideration do you think you might need to re-evaluate some of the things some of your college professors taught you? Would it shock you to know that most certainly some of them have taught what is not true? At some point you will need to cleanse yourself of these untruths. You will need to discard some or in many cases most of what they have caused you to accept into your belief system.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled for a lifetime by those who profess themselves to be wise but are fools.

At the very basic level in our lives there is an ongoing struggle between good and evil. You may force it out of your mind if you wish but that will do nothing to avoid the reality of the situation.

Let’s be fair. Have you experienced happiness? What a about sadness? Or, disappointment? Or, is there something that always seems to be pressing down on you? Perhaps if you think about it you would even describe yourself as an unhappy person? You may not even know why. While it is normal to be sad or even unhappy at times it is a problem if you suffer from a constant underlying dissatisfaction in general.

What if I told you you have two basic choices and that on one hand one choice would result in a more satisfying life? And, the other while more self centered would leave you more empty inside?

Who wouldn’t want to benefit from a better spiritual life? But, what if you have already been taught certain mis-truths such as pursuing great wealth at all costs, gluttony, carnal pleasures, and other worldly things are necessary to be happy?

The truth is no amount of material gain and physical pleasures can substitute for the deeper inner spiritual desires of your heart and soul. You can use them for substitutes for a while but they will never satisfy your eternal needs. You were built with a need for God in your life.

But, I get ahead of myself here. Before we address further issues regarding God I need to mention that you have an adversary. If in the current state of your belief system you cannot accept the fact of God’s existence do not despair just yet! I say this because you can know divine truth. We will start with something more simple that your mind can accept.

Certainly you would agree that we as humans can have a spiritual impact on others? You are more than the sum total of all your physical parts. You have feelings and emotions. You have a spirit. To deny this would be folly. You can and do have a spiritual effect on others.

Have you ever walked into a crowded waiting room and until you entered were doing just fine? Inside it was crowded and in one corner a angry man was conversing with somebody. As if by magic suddenly others in the room became irritated and angry too. You were in fact affected by someone else and their angry spirit.

What I am telling you is this. Some of what you have been taught has been done in simple error while some of what you learned was imparted to you by a wrong spirit passed from others who were mis-educated too. Some of these people who taught you what to believe were just plain wrong and it can to some degree be proven if you will listen.

Think about electricity for a moment. There is a positive and a negative charge. So it is with the Spirit of good and the spirit of evil. There is a force which opposes man both collectively and individually. Now, if that sounds superstitious I apologize. Nevertheless, it is quite true. The Bible calls him the deceiver or opposer. You got it! “The devil”… Again, if this is too hard of a concept for you to accept just yet don’t despair. Fall back on the obvious. Agree with me that there is such a thing as something you would refer to as spiritually evil. Ask yourself “What is the oposite of happiness or good?”

Think about but do not dwell upon the evil deeds you have heard of just for a second. You can’t deny the existence of serial killers and those who actually enjoy harming others with physical violence . The evidence exists before your very eyes. What other possible explanation is there other than the fact that evil exists?

For the moment in your mind rationalize it however you can, but stand on the fact there is something out there that hates mankind!

I confess I would like to share many Bible verses with you. They will be extremely helpful soon. But first I want to teach you how you have been cheated by others and by an evil system out of having an abundant full life. And, perhaps even just as important, who cheated you and why they did it.

The system itself is called the Antichrist system. That is it’s over arching name. It has various sub-systems that are part and parcel to evil in general. They combine to rob you of what God has intended for your life. Eventually its leader will appear on the world stage and fool many people.

The next post will examine the eradication of God from our society and national and collective consciousness. Understand this. You are loved by a real God who is faithful and true. There are those who hate God and all that is good. These evildoers have infiltrated many portions of society to keep you from reaping the practical benefits of a belief system whereby you know and accept a good and loving God. You are now seeing the fruits of these evildoers being displayed openly like never before. This is an indicator of sorts.

Stay tuned! Learn the truth. It’s not too late. Some of you will discover the truth. Remember, God is the good guy! Divine truth will prevail.

-Brother Bill

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