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Senior Moments With Jesus…

I’d like to take a break today from some of our other topics and reach out to senior citizens.

Perhaps there are some of you who are not feeling well and are isolated and alone, while others are fortunate and healthy and still have a zest for life? Maybe some of you in either group are Christians?

If you are a senior Christian in either of these situations or anywhere in between, I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out and remind you that Jesus still cares. Any confession of faith you made when you were younger still applies. You probably already know the old saying “If you don’t feel so close to God, guess who moved?”

Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame once had a scene in one of his movies where he acknowledged in the role of Captain Picard, the situation regarding his own mortality. As best as I can remember it went something like this:

” I am conscious of the fact that there are fewer days ahead than there are behind… ” He was speaking of his life span.

I believe those words spoken in a fictional world nevertheless, are indeed well said and apply to senior citizens today. Have you recently given any thought to your personal relationship with Jesus in light of your mortality? Hebrews 9:27 says it is appointed unto man once to die and that afterwards we face judgement. Perhaps you’d like to take stock and seek the Lord and better know how well your relationship is going with Him?

If you are struggling with something in particular such as health issues, you can still bring them to the cross. If you haven’t been to church for a while may I suggest you go? Perhaps you were discouraged long ago and you withdrew from fellowship with other believers in fear of being hurt? Maybe it’s time to come home and seek the comfort and friendship of other believers and the benefits of corporate fellowship again? Certainly Jesus did not forsake you and He is reason the church gathers and He will hopefully always be our motivation. However, since we know the Bible tells us to forsake not the assembling together of those who love the Lord, we know group fellowship has benefits to us as Christians.

Now, please know that I know that I’m not telling you anything new if you are already a Christian. My purpose is to entreat you back into fellowship so that you may reap the benefits. Perhaps as a senior citizen you are like the fictional character I mentioned earlier and are keenly aware of what the future holds. And, I am not attempting to scare you since, if you are indeed a Christian, you already know about the resurrection and your new life! But, perhaps there are things left undone in your life that you know Jesus would have you do? A word sharing the gospel with someone? A testimony? I’m sure someone somewhere is in need of prayer.

Jesus is extending an invitation to you today. “You’re Invited!” It’s not too late. Isn’t it time to come home? Reach out to a local church, make a visit. Don’t be afraid. My prayer is that you will find a home where you fellowship and that you will seek Jesus and ask Him what you should do with your remaining days and you use them wisely. I pray this prayer myself nearly every day because I yearn to hear Jesus say those words “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

-Brother Bill

Special Note: When I was a young man an evangelist and preacher came to our church named Leroy Blankenship. Of all the pastors, preachers, and teachers I ever met none ever radiated the love of Christ more or affected me more.

Although I’m not necessarily a country music fan and have changed over the years as far as musical tastes, Leroy’s music never fails to bring me to tears before the Lord. Many of his songs are his own originals written by him.

So, for those of you old geezers still kickin it out there who love old time gospel music I found this utube video… I hope it touches your heart!

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