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Christ The Solid Rock…

An old familiar hymn from long ago contained the words “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand..”

In the world of today we should often ask ourselves what is the foundation upon which our lives rest? Is it our job? Perhaps our marriage? Maybe our belief system or own moral code? While these things may indeed be pillars in our lives they can and are sometimes flawed especially if certain components are apart from Christ.

What then of the very foundation of our lives? There can only be one true safe foundation. That foundation is found in the person of Christ Jesus. If you have not surrendered your heart and you haven’t accepted Christ he is not your foundation. As the song says “all other ground is sinking sand”. You may loose your job, a spouse may desert you. Others may disappoint you. Investments may fail. But, the one person you can depend on to love you and always care is Jesus Christ. Don’t believe in God? It’s simple, ask God to show you that he is there. In fact, I dare you to do that right now. All you have to do is be sincere and open your heart and mind to Jesus and listen.

Perhaps the most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16 assures us of God’s love and proclaims “whosoever will”… In other words, we can know God himself through His Son. Jesus wants to be your foundation in your life. The door is open and all you have to do is step through. In Revelations 3:20 we are told Jesus is knocking on the door to our heart. He wants to have an intimate personal loving relationship with you today. Will you consider it?

-Brother Bill

El Capitan -Yosemite.
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